Salish Wonder – Skateboard (Salish Storyboard Deck)

Longboard, Acrylic
  |   $2,907 US Dollars / $3,825 Canadian


Skateboard, Wood



If you look closely at a leaf, there’s a simple lesson about life for everyone.
Each vein represents a choice you can make, and every time it leads to more choices.
Every person walks a path in their lifetime, it’s our path to follow, which is the main stem. All the vanes that are attached to the middle vane symbolize the choices we all have.
Sometimes we have to make big choices, yet we overlook that even simple ones can totally adjust our path. Not every choice is life or loss, but there exists an event horizon, and if crossed, there is the unknown. I have interpreted this on my skate deck.
Imagine you’re a little story bug, and you start your walk from the big side of a leaf, life is short and the world is wide. On the side of the event horizon, there are things that want to eat us up; just because. Life is a wonder not a destination, we should always choose wisely, and feed our wanderlust.

-Thom Cannell