River Spirit – Collaboration with Scott Jensen

Red Cedar, Pigment, Micro-Mosaic with Glass Seed Beads with Carnelian Salmon Eggs and River Pebbles

While in Hydaburg, AK during salmon run years ago, we observed what we thought was an incredible number of salmon. Later, we spoke to a group of residents that expressed concern over the dwindling number of salmon coming to spawn in their river. Perspective is everything: do you know the history of your local river?

The sockeye run in the Quinault River system that once numbered in the millions is now at about 5000.

Sockeye in the Elwha river are basically extinct. With recent removal of the dams it is hoped that the Kokanee (land-locked sockeye from Lake Sutherland) will in 20 years reestablish a sockeye run there.

This figure represents the spirits of three rivers: the Ozette, Quinault, and Elwha. These rivers are the nursery for an important icon and resource of the Northwest Coast