Rescuing Song from the Sky World

Limited Edition Giclee
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Blue Jay and Eagle are portrayed in their quest to recover the bird songs trapped in the Sky World.

In ancient times the people decided that the Sky World was too close to the ground and it must be raised.  After much effort, the people were successful in their intention of raising the Sky World.  But they did not realize that through their actions the bird songs had become trapped in the heavens.  Distraught, the birds came together and agreed that someone must go and retrieve their songs.

The first bird to try his luck was Crow.  Upon his failure, Hawk came forth and said that surely he would be able to reach the songs.  When Hawk could not reach them, Eagle decided to try.  With hope in their eyes the birds looked at one another knowing that surely Eagle would succeed.  Eagle flew up high, quickly surpassing Crow’s and Hawk’s distance. But still the songs were out of reach, and even though Eagle could see them, he couldn’t quite reach them.  After much clamoring and disarray, Blue Jay called out “My brothers and sisters, I believe that it is my responsibility to rescue the songs of our people.”  At this, the larger birds broke into laughter.  “I’m sorry my brother,” said Eagle, “but if I can not reach the Sky World then I doubt that you can.”  Blue Jay became angered and proposed that they compete with each other to reach the songs.  Eagle agreed.  They both left the ground at once, but it wasn’t long before Blue Jay jumped on Eagle’s back.  When they reached Eagle’s limit, Blue Jay shot off of Eagle’s back and seized the songs tightly.  Returning with the songs, Blue Jay declared that from that day forth the beautiful songs would go to the smaller of the birds and that the doubt of the larger birds would be remembered by their callous squawks and calls.