Raven’s Moon

Alder, Abalone, Paint, Pigments

The gift of light is, of course, the treasure given to mankind by the trickster Raven. This story is depicted here by the full moon face against the blue-green sky, with a pair of Ravens clutching the light between them. Having stolen the light in spirit/human form, Raven quickly transformed back into his soon-to-be-soot-stained bird form. I have designed the Ravens with a gap in the formline on their backs, exposing their spirit faces, to show them still in the act of transforming.

Moon is associated with transformation and is regarded as a guardian spirit and protector. Because the moon is a powerful figure, Shaman often called up on the Moon as a spirit guide. Among the Haida, the Moon was the exclusive crest of only a few of the highest-ranking chiefs. Most tribes, however, saw the powers of both the Moon and the Sun shining down upon everyone equally.