Raven, Brown Bear and Dragonfly Totem (Final)

Red Cedar, Pigments

Becky Blanchard’s Staff Pick:

On August 9, 2010 our dear friends and artists Scott Jensen and Courtney Lipson were married at a friend’s home on Lummi Island. This totem pole celebrates that event by honoring the love, friendships, family, culture, beauty and magic which were in such abundance on that wonderful day.

Like all great poles it weaves together ideas personal and universal. The Raven at the top of the pole commemorates the Raven Mask that was danced at the wedding as Ravens flew overhead and called out during the ceremony. The Bear honors Tlingit friend and artist Fred Fulmer who adopted Scott into the Chookaneidee Tlingit clan in an adoption ceremony before the wedding. As the nuptials took place dragonflies hovered and flew between rows for the entire ceremony.

After the wedding, Scott started this pole and he and Courtney spent many dinners together in the studio as Scott carved the pole with all the memories of the day fresh in mind. Like so many great works of art this pole was inspired by love and happiness and honors Courtney and the community of artists who are so central to their lives.

“Raven, Brown Bear and Dragonfly” Totem Pole brings all of Scott Jensen’s extraordinary vision, skill, and experience to task. The pole honors the classic Tlingit carvings from Southeast Alaska circa the 1850s, an
era considered by scholars and collectors as the highest tidemark of Northwest artistic expression.

Jensen believes that the imagery–both the sculptural and two dimensional–is timeless and expresses, in the most elegant way, a love and respect for the natural world as well as
paying tribute to the Pacific Northwest Coast’s rich Native culture.