Raven and Sockeye Salmon

Acrylic & Gouache on Paper, Conservation Framed


Winter Celebration

One day when Raven was spearing fish, he saw beautiful Sockeye Salmon Woman, and promptly fell in love. When he told her of his affections, she assumed human form and they were married.

In the course of time, she granted his wish to grow beautiful hair- she had supernatural powers- and warned him never to pull the heads from any fish he caught.

The next year, Raven caught sockeye salmon, and was careful to hang the fish up to dry without removing the heads. One day however, his hair became entangled in the teeth of a drying salmon, and in a fit of anger, Raven wrenched off its head. His wife became disturbed.

That night while Raven slept, she snapped her fingers and whistled, and her sister sockeye came back to life. Sockeye Salmon Woman ran to the river, raised the edge of the water, and plunged beneath followed by her sisters.

Raven tried in vain to pursue, but he lost both his wife and his fish.