Origins & Baltic Tears Drops

Hotsculpted Glass with Inclusions on Hand-Cast Bronze Plates and Hooks
  |   $975 each



These luminous drops are inspired by both the nutrient-rich water of life (the blue droplets are titled “Origins”) and by fossils frozen from time immemorial in amber (the gold drops are titled “Baltic Tears”). Each droplet is unique, as is the cast bronze plate from which it hangs. The artist created impressions from natural found materials, and cast each plate individually from the impressions.

In order, the droplets pictured here in close-up are:

  1. Origins (blue) 11 –  15.75″h x 5.5″w x 2.75″d  – $975
  2. Baltic Tears (amber) 2 – 13″h x 4.25″w x 2″d – $975
  3. Origins (blue) 5 – 15″h x 5″w x 2″d – $975
  4. Baltic Tears (amber) 1 – 11.25″h x 4.75″w x 3″d – $975
  5. Origins (blue) 7 – 16.75″h x 5.13″w x 2.25″d – $975
  6. Baltic Tears (amber) 5 – 16.88″h x 5.13″w x 3.5″d – $975
  7. Origins (blue) 6 – 18″h x 5″w x 3″d – $975

Works are sold separately, and the hanging mechanism is included in the price. Hanging mechanism pictured is the same in each photo, but each is hand-made and the patina and designs vary. Please contact us with questions.