Orca Tribe – 1991

Limited Edition Serigraph
  |   $900

Among the traditional peoples of the Northwest Coast, orca or killer whales are not regarded as creatures separate from human beings but as people themselves who have transformed into orca. Thus they are at least as much a tribe as a pod. As such they were traditionally believed to live in human-style villages beneath the sea and to be founders of the killer whale clans of the Northwest Coast people. It seems appropriate then to combine aspects of both killer whales and human beings in portraying these “orca-persons”, each one an individual, varying in ages and sex, in body shape and facial features, all with their own styles of fin, pectorals, markings and eye patch. As our brothers and sisters who live in the sea, they have distinctive societies as well, featuring dominant and rival males, lead cows, aunts, adolescents, and calves. We respect them as equals, as “other nations” with needs and a consciousness of their own.

This limited edition serigraph print in three colors (indigo, graphite and brick red) has been printed on 100% cotton rag of archival quality. It was printed by Jim Hunziker with the artist Barry Herem on Vashon Island near Seattle, during the winter of 1990-91.

-Barry Herem