New Totem – Red

Open Edition Corten Steel, Red Powder Coating, Base
  |   $Available to Order

This sculpture can be ordered in different colors and sizes. Metal base is shown in third photo.
Common Sizes:
36in. h: $2,800 (with base)
48in. h: $3,850 (with base)

New Totem is a display of many of the conventional forms found in highly traditional Northwest Coast Formline art. It may be seen as any number of, or include any number of, specifically coherent figures, or parts thereof.  It’s entirely true that different people will likely see different things, different faces, profiles, eyes or their sockets, limbs, talons or claws, mouths and nostrils. Like so much carefully wrought and dense Northwest Coast style, it is filled with the possibility of epiphany, the “ah ha” moment.  New Totem contains the shapes that delight and satisfy those who love Formline art, not because a particular artist did them, but because the flowing inter-connectedness of “the style”, the balancing arc and curve, is somehow uniquely satisfying.