Blown, Off-Hand Sculpted, Cut and Sandblasted Glass on Custom Stand
  |   $17,800



“Minke” was created at the Tacoma Museum of Glass for SR3, a local non-profit organization for whom I am a board-member. SR3 is focused on marine wildlife response, rehabilitation, and research. SR3 works on disentanglement of marine mammals, rehabilitation of sick or injured wildlife, and studies our southern resident killer whale population and other local cetaceans. They are conducting epidemiological and population studies on the inhabitants of our marine environments, and exploring what implications they have on our local environment and, in turn, ourselves.

70% of proceeds from the sale of “Minke” will be donated directly to SR3.

The shape and coloring of “Minke” was referenced from a photograph taken by SR3 Marine Mammal Research Director Holly Fearnbach and her husband, John Durban Ph.D. Marine Population Ecologist. The photo was captured non-invasively from an unmanned drone at a hight of 150’, and from a camera with a flat lens. This technique is called “photogrammetry”, and it allows researchers to measure growth on a subject within 1-2cm; perform comparative research on an individual organism’s weight; spot pregnant sea mammals, and more. They can also collect blow samples on a glass plate with the drone, allowing them to monitor whales’ health and learn more about their micro-biome.

-Raven Skyriver