Look After You

Limited Edition Giclée
  |   $150 - Please contact us to special order


Winter 2020

“Based on Coast Salish mythology which tells of a strong bond with Wolf and Moon, this piece is rather personal. For many years I’ve identified with the wolf as a protector and source of inspiration for it’s wolf who is said to have inspired the hierarchy within our longhouses of the Southern Puget Sound. Seen as a leader, wolf made a promise to the moon to look after the people on the return to the sky world. It is said when the Moon is Full, wolf sings to show that fulfillment of that promise.

This piece is titled “Look After You” in that we seek out a partner who will do just that. We all need care and protection and much like the legend tells fulfillment and song are ever powerful concepts one longs for in their life.”
Shaun Peterson (Qwalsius)