k̓aʔk̓aʔ (Crow and Full Moon)

Limited Edition Giclee
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Crow and Full Moon

“When I first started out as an artist I wanted to focus on the unsung heroes of our mythology. Somewhere I fell into a pitfall of celebrating the heroes alone. I’m happy to visit this piece to showcase Crow, sister of Raven. Known in mythology as one who has envy for Raven’s qualities. It should be said we can learn from these very human qualities that we have for such emotional traits. Today, more than ever, we get caught up in wanting to have success or perception of it above what creates the character of it. It seems to go hand in hand with failure and the pursuit of a higher experience that teaches us something about ourselves. For what is success without talent or lessons? Or, one could be known for success without success and its perception, but that seems empty to many.

In this piece the Moon (dakwibal) represents knowledge, and being seen or acknowledged. Here, Crow sits under a single tree in the coming of Winter looking up, basking in the light, to be seen if by no one else than the Moon, to know in darkness she is like all the animal world: worthy of love and alive. We all have potential. That is what is important to know.”

-Qwalsius Shaun Peterson