Journey to the Past – Skateboard

Shortboard with Wheels and Trucks, Acrylic
  |   $2,535 US / $3,250 Canadian


Skateboard, Wood

I enthusiastically study ancient Coast Salish designs in my free time and while doing so I find myself visualizing the artist
proudly crafting in their natural environment. My ancestors made their everyday tools beautiful and functional. The carved, painted or woven designs on utilitarian objects did not have to be tied to spiritual powers, or rituals. This art can be just for fun and all about the enjoyment of creating and making a mark. My feeling I get while I’m observing many of the ancient geometric forms on spindle whorls is that they were adorned with such designs for enjoyment by both the user and the designer of the utensil.

In similar style, I had a lot of fun while designing this skateboard deck; a fusion of geometric motifs. I’ve reimagined an ancient design, which has been left to me by my ancestors onto a modern daily instrument. I was back-and-forth deciding whether to put wheels on the deck, which covered up my painting. … my only logical conclusion … that the skateboard functions as one.

On my skateboard, I decided to feature striking pigments akin to traditional dyes of ancient Coast Salish wool. I feel I’ve combined ancient aspects of the spindle whorl, the wool, the form, the function, and most especially the enjoyment of an artist, within this Journey to the Past.

-Thom Cannell