In Stillness II

Limited Edition Giclee
  |   $150 - Please contact us to special order

“Perhaps the most challenging part of creating art is the need for stillness and clarity. It’s been my experience that when I create my most exciting pieces come from me when I am free of thought or trying to apply approaches consciously as I am working. This piece is a direct translation of that. The seated human figure is a man at one with his Thunderbird protector. In one regard, the man and his Thunderbird are one. It is felt that in our cultural teaching we only receive the important things in stillness. Conceptually as well, to receive an idea your mind must be void of judgment or prejudice. We thrive in creativity moving in a positive direction moreso than in anger. The counterpart to this print uses a switch interplay of color for the man and bird symbolizing the interplay of energy shared by the protector and the protected.”

-Shaun Peterson / Qwalsius