Eagle Amhalayt (Frontlet Headdress)

Alder, Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Pigment

Although inspired by a frontlet attributed to the Haida master Charles Edenshaw, this Frontlet is a tribute to the Nisga’a, people of the Nass River in northern BC. From the people settled along this river came the chief’s frontlet headdress, and the Chilkat Robe and the Raven rattle, all symbols of chiefly power and authority that over time spread and came to be used by the chiefs of all the northern tribes.
The Eagle’s connection to the great rivers of the Northwest is undeniable. In BC, the health of the bald eagle population is determined annually by local citizens conducting counts when the salmon runs are on. Eagles gather in huge numbers on the banks of all our salmon rivers to feed. We even have a population of ‘urban eagles’ in Vancouver that eat pigeons and seagulls!