Dolly Varden Fishing Net (Western Style)

Willow Branch, Woven Yellow Cedar
  |   $5,000

The Dolly Varden Net

This is one of three fishing pieces I created while thinking
of methods and materials. There was a time when I regularly
heard that Indigenous people did not use nets, and this was the
justification for all sorts of community discomfort. 

I was fortunate enough to have elders, and teachers that took
the time to teach me to bend wood for hoops, make mesh, and
the patience to learn. 

The Dolly Varden gets called all sorts of names, and reclassified
here and there, but any fisherman knows tying into one is well
worth the time.

This hand net is made from bent willow from the Columbia River
Gorge, and the cedar is a composite from my traditional Tlingit and
Haida territories.

It was made over a large range, much like the Dolly Varden.

-Paul Rowley (LaPier)