Crow Sisters I

Limited Edition Giclée
  |   $250


Holiday Season

“When I began my journey as an artist I was largely interested in the unsung heroes of our Coast Salish mythology. Characters like Raven and Eagle are prominent and the lesser examined individuals intrigued me. In particular there is a complex story of a wild woman who is transformed from human to a wild untamed being with long nails and a growing tail having gone to the forest to save her three brothers who’d been taken by a wild beast. She’s returned to her village by her people but she inflicts hurt upon the crow people.

The crows then take it upon themselves to banish this woman as she poses a danger to their village. The crow sisters take her in a canoe and sing a song that shows grief in their obligation to rid themselves of this danger but seeing the same time the tragedy within the act. As the canoe turns the point and the sun sets they transform from women with their black capes and canoe paddles into crows and fly back home. I often envision the transformation as a whorl or tornado and this is how I imagine them within that transforming circle before they fly away into the evening sky.”

-Shaun Peterson, 2017