Chilkat Masquerade

Lace Weight Yarn, Hand-Dyed Yarn, Spun Warp with Yellow Cedar, Feathers
  |   $10,000


Chilkat, Weaving

The Chilkat mask is one of the most identifiable elements of the Chilkat weaving. Stacked masked faces have been woven on tunics.  These tunics and the variation of the masks used on them, are my inspiration.

The ornamental use of fancy masks used at masquerades, with fringe of ribbon and plumes of feathers elegantly disguising the identity of the wearer’s eyes, also inspired this piece. The Chilkat mask, similarly, typically only covers the eyes. Incorporating the colorful fringe and plumes of feathers is a reference to both the French Masquerade and the downy feathers that float out of the dancer’s headdress while wearing a
Chilkat robe.