Brown Angel

Mixed Media
  |   $3,850


Mixed Media

In June, 2020, during my time in isolation, I had feelings of anxiety and fear. Portland became a war zone of police brutality against the people standing up in solidarity for humanity and the rights of all.
I was looking for some relief in all of this. Then a series of four moths appeared throughout a day. One was on the lock to my studio door, another crawled up my back and I spotted it in a mirror, one was under a worktable top, and another came out of some boxes of supplies. That particular moth was a Large Yellow Underwing, a species of owlet moths.

In Maine, a butterfly moth came to a garden and showed its beauty. In Portland, Oregon on our deck, a plain plume moth came to us and hung out for many days. Moths have been a large part of this season in my life and I felt it was time to create something to honor the quiet healer.

This mask was designed after the Brown Angle Shades-Owlet Moth, a species of owlet moths. I named the piece Brown Angel to pay tribute to the BLM and POC movements and to share something of beauty that has given me some relief.

The wings move along the hoop track and give the moth life.