Blunderbuss with Raven Design

Wood, Brass (Replica of English Military Blunderbuss), Stand


Brass, Gun, Wood


Thinking of Raven

This is an accurate reproduction of a British-made brass barrel blunderbuss. It is similar to a gun that appears in a photograph of the Klukwan Whale House in Alaska. The design carved into the stock represents Raven.
These guns were made from the late 1600s onto the middle 1700s. The lock and brass furniture is the same as on the Brown Bess Long Land pattern English military musket, dating between 1730 to 1756. This type of gun was carried aboard 17th & 18th century sailing ships. I could see it being carried on one of the many fur trading ships plying the waters of the Northwest Coast.
The word Blunderbuss is from the Dutch word donder bus. Translated, it means Thunder Pipe.
-Scott Jensen