Blue Sabot (2015)

Acrylic on Canvas
  |   $18,000

“Blue Sabot” references the deer-horned dancers of Northern California, and wearing horns is also part of the Pascola dances of the Yaqui, and the fertility figures of Ireland, Cernunnus & Fintan. Rick overlayed and remixed references both visually and in his titles over the past 25 years. He was glad to know link of his tribe to dances, ritual, regalia, fertility stories, origin stories, hunting practices found in cultures at far points across the globe and time.

Then, there’s the title–“Blue Sabot,” yes. “Blue Shoe”–alluding to Rick’s somewhat absurd, stream-of-consciousness sense of humor. He made several works featuring a wooden clog, and he had traveled to Amsterdam in early winter of 2015.”

Paraphrased from statements by Charles Froelick, June 2017