Anuqsuar – Breeze

Alder, Red Cedar, Willow, Pigments, Beach Grass, Thread, Feathers, Imitation Sinew
  |   $1,100



This is one of the more history-based masks I’ve done. The inspiration is the series of Yup’ik wind masks that were making the rounds to various museums during 2018-2019. One of the better known of that group is the North Wind mask, which brings storms. I decided to make a mask for the smaller, gentler breezes of the world, so instead of wood hoops on the forehead I used beach grass from Tununak, and instead of wooden feathers I used downy feathers. It’s easy to pay attention to the big voices of the world, but we also need to remember to hear the smaller ones.

-Jennifer Angaiak Wood, 2020