Limited Edition Giclee
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Prominent beings of the sea and the sky, Eagle and the double headed serpent are powerful figures in Coast Salish identity and art. Eagle is most commonly associated with honor and dignity, whereas the serpent has two diverse aspects; fear and protection. One way to interpret this pairing for the serpent is that while observing our fears, understanding them and overcoming them to we feel an empowerment. The double headed serpent is often seen within cedar longhouse structure over the doors entrance or a support beam serving as a protection to the house and itʼs owner. Eagle embodying honor reminds us to work towards something often as we are a representation of our family and our people stretching far back to ancestors. We carry ourselves as honorable individuals with respect for ourselves striving to teach our young ones to walk in the same light.

This piece is titled “Alliance” as these two beings are vital to our ways. We will always have fears to overcome but we work hard to overcome them and honor those before us, our families and most importantly ourselves.”

-Shaun Peterson / Qwalsius