Richard Beasley

Accomplished artist, Richard Beasley is a member of the Raven/Coho Clan. He was born in San Francisco in 1957, but grew up in Juneau, Alaska. He started carving at the early age of 13. He attended the University of Washington and became rooted in the art department and learned metal design there too. He grew as an artist from Northwest Coast Design classes and had the opportunity to engage with a variety of NW Coast artists in that time. He grew up in an era where the art form was discouraged, artists produced less art and master apprenticeship system declined. Beasley feared that the teachings of Tlingit traditions of carving and techniques would be lost. In worked with Sealaska Heritage Institute and produced a 3 volume series of paperback books focusing on passing down that knowledge of step by step instructions and photos of how to make a Tlingit tray, hat, and mask. In these educational resources he explains the techniques of inlaying abalone or opercula and much, much more.