City Picker – Berry Basket | Collaboration with Ron Fairbanks

Woven Extra-Fine Cedar Bark, Acrylic Painting by Ron Fairbanks
  |   $3,900


Basket, Fiber, Raven

This basket is a meeting of the minds between master cedar bark weaver Deborah Head and up-and-coming artist Ron (Ronnie) Fairbanks. Deborah’s tight control of her material is evident in the incredible fine weaving in this berry basket. This collaborative work sits squarely between traditional and modern, with Head’s weaving techniques passed down through generations, and Fairbank’s depiction of a contemporary berry picker–headphones in–picking berries off a bush with a city street scene behind them. A beautifully painted Raven shares the berry bush, undoubtedly popping berries into his beak as quickly as the picker can pick their own.