Yukie Adams

Yukie Adams

Yukie Adams was born in Hokkaido, Japan.  She studied oil painting and art history at Musashino Art College in Tokyo.

In 1983 Adams moved to Anchorage, Alaska.  There she met artist Henry L. Adams who was Alaskan Tlingit.  They married in 1984.

In 1988 she began studying Northwest Indian Art with her husband in Sitka, Alaska.  Many collaborative works emerged from their studies.  In the early 1990’s, Henry passed away, leaving her to continue learning and working with the art form that was a part of Henry’s cultural heritage, and a connection between them.

After five years in Alaska, Adams moved to Seattle, WA where she began studying Indian design under renowned artist Marvin Oliver, at the University of Washington.  Soon after her study with Oliver, Adams began creating designs for limited edition prints, drums, and acrylic paintings.

Recently Adams has extended her Northwest Coast design to carvings, primarily high relief panels in cedar.  Expressive formlines and rich colors distinguish her work.